100% Real Wrestling between Gay Asian Men Muscular/Weak/Feminine/Shemale

Fast paced & competitive action (not staged). Lots of Humiliating & Dominating face-Sitting pins.

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GVG-1 Amateur Gay vs Gay Wrestling 

GVG-1 Amateur Gay vs Gay Wrestling

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Match one features Harji facing off against Junelle. Aggressive grappling and fierce fighting begin immediately with both young men trying to gain the upper hand. They try tactics such as takedowns and head locks and reversal moves because the goal is to not only drag your opponent to the mat but then humiliate him by pinning him down and force facesitting him or headscissoring him so he can't move and cannot escape.

Junelle gets the first dominant position and throws Harji to the mat. Harji scrambles but gets overpowered by Junelle. Junelle, in a very startling and advanced wrestling technique, proceeds to pin his arms by his wrists to his side and reverse straddle his face giving Harji a mouth and face full of cock through his tiny briefs has he reversed facesits him.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

Harji eventually works his way out of being and in such a humiliating fashion and manages to reverse positions or he subdues a resisting and fighting Junelle and force's face it's him for revenge. It is always nice to see a role reversal and when one young man gets pin and manages to escape and and pin his captor and facesit him that is always a welcome element do any good wrestling match.

The roles go back-and-forth with each young aggressive male taking a commanding and controlling position and either forced facesitting there opponent or trapping them between their thighs in an inescapable and painful head scissors maneuver.

This is a very erotic opening first match with two young man battling and engaging in a high spirited high intensity level submission match that sure to please all fans of gay male facesitting and fighting.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

Match two is another ferocious and intense fight between Bryan and Eljon. The pace is quick and the moves are tight and well executed. Neither one of these young proud Asian males wants to be on the receiving end of being taken to the mat and force facesat.

This match has a lot of perseverance and determination with each wrestler giving all that he can in the way of energy to secure a top position during the battle.

Eljon attempts to take the lead and secure the top position several times and has Bryan on his back fighting not to be pinned own and humiliated but he manages to escape somehow. Eventually Eljon draws first success here as he manages to take Bryan to the mat after a tough takedown and executes strong and controlling force facesitting maneuver.

However Bryan is a squirmer and manages to escape and execute a role reversal of his own and pins Eljon using his strength to teach him a lesson by force facesitting him as well.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

In one of the reversal segments Eljon overpowers Bryan and great close up camera work captures Eljon's nig bulging outline of his cock pressed up against the helpless Bryan.

One of the segments has a very long and stimulating scissorhold and Bryan with his muscular and toned legs has no intention of allowing Harji any form of the scape and keeps his head trapped firmly and securely and commanding lead between those legs. Harji kicks and twitches his legs to get loose but to no avail. Bryan has him exactly where he wants him.

As we have been doing for many years our content is unscripted with no plots or storylines or actors. This is pure genuine and authentic submission style Asian gay wrestling and it is all captured on film with tremendous camera work and close-ups. GVG-1 is ready for download for your personal library! Enjoy.

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Bob - 10/02/2019

Nice but could have been better

Jean - 05/25/2015

With such hotties like Harji and Eljon, this videos could have been a hit but not enough sexy facesit and pose. Too bad they didn't do like Rio did in his match (pulling his penis out), it would have been very hot !

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