100% Real Wrestling between Gay Asian Men Muscular/Weak/Feminine/Shemale

Fast paced & competitive action (not staged). Lots of Humiliating & Dominating face-Sitting pins.

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GCV-1 Amateur Gay Custom Video Request 

GCV-1 Amateur Gay Custom Video Request

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Directed by one of our customers, this latest battle features two young and fit athletic Asian males clad in tight black briefs and it is easy to see that this is going to be a well contested match.

This fight features many aggressive and skilled maneuvers and our more dominant wrestler uses his leverage to take advantage of his opponent in place him in various holds and positions and submissions that are both powerful and erotic.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

Throughout the match you will see commanding takedowns to the mat and lots of legscissors that trap both the body and the face rendering the opponent helpless. The stronger male often handles his resisting opponent and holds him down so that he can execute his dominating moves. One of his favorite moves is the head scissor where he traps his victims head between his legs which enables him to not only keep his struggling victim from escaping but also for forcing him to come face-to-face with his tight bikini clad ass and right up against his cock which is humiliating and embarrassing.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

The more skilled fighter does not seem to care about his helpless victim so while he continues to struggle to try to escape and free himself our tormentor straddle him and pins him to the mat and secures him against his will. The victim tries to turn his head away from his captor's cock but no luck and is forced to endure the forced facesitting until the round end.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

The maneuver that the stronger wrestler executes which is so commanding and domineering is he face straddles his victim and while pinning him down by his wrists with his legs, reaches back and grabs his legs and pulls them up and back so is that his ass is completely in the air and his legs are spread so he's exposed and helpless. This way, his legs are bent back over his head while his arms are trapped underneath the aggressors legs. Very erotic and very powerful. Excellent camera work and good angles and close ups can be seen during the match which only heightens the appreciation and enjoyment for our viewers.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling

We specialize in unscripted, unrehearsed, authentic male on male gay Asian wrestling action and that is exactly what we are continuing to deliver. Download the fight for yourself to see the stimulating battling action between these two lean and slender young men.

Gay Wrestling Gay Wrestling
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Super hot match

Jon - 12/06/2020

If you love watching a dominant fighter beat a submissive one, this is a great video for you.


Nate - 01/03/2017

While the domination was great, there could have been a lot more humiliation and cock on the face and making the weaker one suck, that would have been great.

loved it ---

derickgold - 10/20/2016

enjoyed this one a lot! Would love to see some actual face sitting defeats, but love seeing some gay guys catfight and this is about as close as you can get --- keep them coming!!!

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